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Celebrating our twentieth anniversary with insights from our second decade.  READ MORE+

Investment Leaders

Robert A. Olstein

Chairman and Chief Investment Officer

Eric R. Heyman

Executive Vice President, Portfolio Manager, and Director of Research

Timothy S. Kang

Senior Vice President and Senior Research Analyst

Olstein Insights

Olstein Notes

Finding Value in Corporate Turnarounds

Olstein Notes

Evolution of an Investment - From Idea to Portfolio Holding

Olstein Notes

Reversing Course Requires Distinct Skill and Focused Plan

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Olstein Notes

Finding Value in Corporate Turnarounds

Before making a decision to invest, it is imperative to look for specific financial, competitive and structural characteristics that signal that the problems are temporary.  READ MORE +

Evolution of an Investment - From Idea to Portfolio Holding

We read for "heat," looking for subtle phrases or trigger words that, in our experience, may signal a significant change in an industry or company that could unlock or create significant long-term value for shareholders.  READ MORE +

Reversing Course Requires Distinct Skill and Focused Plan

A company that communicates effectively with shareholders and other equity market participants can increase the probability of successful turnaround.  READ MORE +

What Is Activist Investing? A Catalyst for Change

The activist's goal is to create a catalyst or triggering event that will increase shareholder value and result in stock price appreciation.  READ MORE +

Olstein Alerts

The Impact of the Quality of Earnings on Valuing Companies

It is an investment analyst's job to determine the economic realism of management's assumptions and to eliminate management biases by making the appropriate adjustments to reported earnings data.  READ MORE +

A Careful Reading of Shareholder Letters

A careful reading of the letter not only focuses on what management chooses to emphasize but also what management chooses to omit or minimize.  READ MORE +

Are You a Speculator or Value Investor?

Only traders and speculators should be concerned about short-term stock price movements measured in months, days, or hours.  READ MORE +

Reality Check: Accounting Alerts Every Investor Should Know

Comparing depreciation schedules to economic reality is a must for any investor when analyzing financial statements.  READ MORE +

Controlling Volatility - A High Wire Act Without a Net

As a result of this emphasis on avoiding short-term volatility, investors have become more focused on short-term price movements.  READ MORE +


The fund recently experienced significant negative short-term performance due to market volatility associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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