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Value Investing Live Broadcast with Eric Heyman and Tim Kang

In this broadcast of the GuruFocus Value Investing Live series, Eric Heyman and Tim Kang discuss Olstein's investment philosophy and singular approach to finding value.   WATCH VIDEO +

Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund Named Top Performer

The managers with the best three-year risk-adjusted returns in the Small Value category are Eric Heyman and Robert Olstein. As investors remember that markets are more than big tech, small value funds have reaped rewards.   READ MORE +

Analyzing a Company's Ability to Generate Free Cash Flow

Eric Heyman and Tim Kang discuss how Olstein analyzes the ability of small- to mid-sized companies to generate free cash flow in the face of strategic challenges. Olstein's in-depth analysis seeks to identify both positive and negative factors that may mask or obscure a company's true cash flow potential.   READ MORE +

Value Investor Bob Olstein: Quarterly Earnings Estimates by Companies Should be ‘Illegal

Olstein calls for an end to quarterly earnings estimates & guidance and explains why he believes this practice is harmful to investors.   READ MORE +

Investing in the Undervalued Stocks of SMID Companies

Eric Heyman and Tim Kang discuss how Olstein identifies and analyzes small- to mid-sized companies that have been unfairly punished by short-term factors. The market's reaction to SMID companies that stumble creates unique investment opportunities for long-term value investors.

Seeking Solid Businesses Facing Strategic Challenges

Eric Heyman discusses how Olstein's 'looking-behind-the-numbers' approach and emphasis on quality of earnings, helps identify favorable investment opportunities in companies facing strategic challenges.

Strategic in Corporate Turnarounds

Eric Heyman explains how Olstein finds value in companies facing temporary problems or in need of an operational turnaournd.

Value Investor Olstein Calls For Elimination of Adjusted Earnings

In an interview with CNBC, Robert Olstein calls for an end to companies reporting their adjusted earnings.   READ MORE +

A Case for Not Talking to Management

In this by-lined article, Eric Heyman explains why Olstein avoids management contact when assessing the issues affecting a company's prospects and value.   READ MORE +

What You Can Learn From Shareholder Letters

Eric Heyman explains how Olstein analyzes company communications to assess management's strategy and performance.   READ MORE +

Don't Overlook Shareholder Letters

Robert Olstein discusses how a thoughtful review of company communications can provide valuable insights into management's priorities and a company's financial health.   READ MORE +

Down to the Letter

In their "Editor's Letter" John Heins and Whitney Tilson highlight an important qualitative aspect of Olstein's forensic analysis -- a careful reading of the shareholder letter section of a company's annual report.   READ MORE +

My Stock's in Turnaround

Written by Olstein Funds' founder and chairman, Robert A. Olstein, this article discusses the challenges of investing in corporate turnarounds, identifies favorable factors that an investor should seek in such situations and alerts that a company may not be able reverse its decline.   READ MORE +

Which Way Forward for Underperforming Companies

Written by Eric Heyman, co-portfolio manager of the Olstein Strategic Opportunities Fund, this article discusses Olstein's approach to analyzing and investing in corporate turnarounds.   READ MORE +


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