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Analyzing a Company's Ability to Generate Free Cash Flow

Eric Heyman and Tim Kang discuss how Olstein analyzes the ability of small- to mid-sized companies to generate free cash flow in the face of strategic challenges. Olstein's in-depth analysis seeks to identify both positive and negative factors that may mask or obscure a company's true cash flow potential.   READ MORE +

Investing in the Undervalued Stocks of SMID Companies

Eric Heyman and Tim Kang discuss how Olstein identifies and analyzes small- to mid-sized companies that have been unfairly punished by short-term factors. The market's reaction to SMID companies that stumble creates unique investment opportunities for long-term value investors.

Seeking Solid Businesses Facing Strategic Challenges

Eric Heyman discusses how Olstein's 'looking-behind-the-numbers' approach and emphasis on quality of earnings, helps identify favorable investment opportunities in companies facing strategic challenges.

Approaching Investments from an Owner's Perspective

Eric Heyman discuss the importance of approaching an investment opportunity from the perspective of an owner focused on the ability of a business to generate free cash flow.

Analyzing Financial Statements to Understand the Health of a Business

Eric Heyman and Tim Kang discuss the importance of analyzing financial statements and public disclosures to understand a business and its challenges.

Investing in All Cap Value and Strategic Opportunities

Co-Portfolio Manager, Eric Heyman discusses the investment approach and strategy of the Olstein All Cap Value and Olstein Strategic Opportunities Funds in this comprehensive interview.

Value Investing & Shareholder Activism

: Eric Heyman and Tim Ermi discuss Olstein's approach to activist investing.


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